Common words you should not use in Mexico

Mexico City is one of the most traditional and full of customs and culture and now it’s a point a travel destination and it’s normally a low budget tour with seeing culture history and many traditional things. if you planning to visit Mexico City so go through a cause selecting a right and cheap flights to Mexico City is best for saving some money to enjoy more in the city and more explore to save enough.


If you are traveling some other country you should know about the things that you not to use in that country. So, talking about some main words that you prevent to talk in Mexico City.


“I’ll have a Tecate, Please”

Tecate is brand of beer mainly favored in the north of the country, where they claim it tastes better than others if you are in Mexico City avoid word Tecate and ordering this brand, and go for one of the Mexico national beers. Such as Leon and Victoria.


“I’m American.”

If you are talking to native people this is the very confusing word, it’s translated from English to Spanish that many people understand that you telling that you’re American or you’re from the USA, so keep avoiding or prevent speak this word in Mexico.


“I love South America.”

Another big mistake is that understanding Mexico is part of South America, so don’t tell this word while traveling in Mexico.


“Do you speak Mexican?”

Don’t use this word to locals cause they reacting very bad when you ask, cause they are very sensitive to their native language if you asking them they understand you are blaming to not educate properly in high school.



Coger is a harmless, useful and common verb that is used in everyday speech, such as “catching a bus” however, in Mexico, coger means ‘to f*ck’, rather than ‘to catch’ just prevent to saying you want ‘to f*ck a bus’ in Mexico.


“I don’t have change.”

Mexico is not that a rich country it’s a developing country while you buying something at local shops the true suggestions is loose change and small notes. While receiving some coins make them save for next time to buy some local shops.


“I voted for Trump.”

Extremely avoiding using these words in Mexico because there are some governmental issues by both presidents, the locality has a different level of hatred for Trump so don’t use this word otherwise maybe it will going to harm you.


Vaccinations to Get Before Traveling

Vaccination is a process to get your body free from the germs and make it strong against the viral attacks. Every country has its own types of diseases and issues therefore, travelers of the abroad are advises to take vaccinations before they book their flights to Mexico City. Here, you have to understand one thing that vaccinations before flights to Mexico City aren’t necessary for a single country rather everyone who is traveling from another country to Mexico City will have to take the vaccinations and nobody is exempt from it.


Here is the list of vaccinations you need to know before taking onto your flights to Mexico City:

  1. Anthrax vaccination
  2. Hepatitis A and B vaccination
  3. Japanese Encephalitis vaccination
  4. Polio vaccination
  5. Rabies vaccination pre- and post-exposure before booking flights to Mexico City.
  6. Typhoid vaccination
  7. Yellow Fever
  8. A combo of Hepatitis A & B Vaccination

Along with aforementioned vaccinations, under certain conditions, you may also have to take vaccinations and medications against the diseases written as below:

  1. Traveler’s Diarrhea
  2. Malaria
  3. Dengue Fever
  4. Motion Sickness

The vaccinations that I have mentioned above are not for all travelers who are taking their flights to Mexico City but for those specific citizens who face special sicknesses during traveling for a little far off destinations.

For example, you would have seen many people who face special sort of vomiting or diarrhea during traveling through a ship but they don’t feel so during traveling by road. It means, they have sea sickness. Therefore, only those specific visitors will have to take vaccinations and medicine along in their flights to Mexico City.

Why Vaccinations are Necessary before Flight to Mexico?

Well, these vaccinations are prescribed to keep the various viruses of diseases from spreading in the world. Though viruses and germs are small and tiny species that cannot be seen with naked eye yet they are also very light to spread via air. However, some specific viruses require a host to travel from one place to another specifically HIV. If a person has HIV and he doesn’t come in touch with any healthy person, the chances of getting HIV for healthy person are nil.

Therefore, to keep the country and its people, a person will have to take the vaccinations. Mexico is travelled by millions of people throughout the year. This is the reason, vaccinations are must before going there. Besides this all, there are also some types of vaccinations that you will get while on the airport once you get off to your flights to Mexico City. There is nothing serious in it, but it is just for surety.

Surprising Laws in Mexico You Need To Know

Surprising Laws in Mexico You Need To Know

Are you looking forward to head to Cancun, Mexico for holidays? Have you booked your flights to Cancun? Well, if yes, then you must prepare yourself for the journey. By preparing, I doesn’t mean that you only have to book your flights to Cancun or prepare your itinerary but it is also about learning the dos and don’ts in Mexico. You will surely know some laws about the Mexico but here are some Surprising Laws in Mexico You Need to Know:

1.    Drinking Openly In Streets:

First of all, drinking is not prohibited by the law in Mexico, not even in any state. Therefore, don’t cancel your flights to Cancun by reading this headline. However, here is a twist in the story and that is you must not caught by the police while drinking openly on streets. It is better that you drink in your private place, in hotels, and in the pubs etc. An open drinker in the public is breaking a law and the laws are equal for tourists and the locals. Hence, you will avoid it.

Don´t drink

2.    Don’t Taking Right Seat in Bus:

Second thing is that Mexican are though friendly people however they can be hurt easily by any of your deed or attitude. Hence, when booking your flights to Cancun, you should also keep a note that while traveling in the public vehicles, you should always take your seat that’s written on your ticket. Taking wrong seat is very immoral according to Mexican laws. However, you will not be arrested for this but it can create inconvenience. Therefore, it is better that you do take care.

3.    Going Bare Legged On Street – Only for Men:

This sounds really pathetic but that’s true. Though Mexico has done anything to be modern however some things never change and that’s their wearing shorts law for men. Males are not allowed to wear shorts in public as per Mexican laws and you may be astonished to know that a person can be arrested for this too. However, fine is a must. Hence, keep some long pants and trousers in your luggage while you book your flights to Cancun.

4.    Doing Stunts on the Road:

You may love stunts in the Mexican movies however the public stunting is banned in the country. Therefore, don’t ever try to cross your limits while riding a bike, cycle, or anything on the streets of Mexico. Such as, leaving the handles while driving bike is a public stunt that can get you arrested. Therefore, take care.

Take care of these four surprising yet important laws in the Mexico and don’t ever try to break them for fun.

When is the best weather to visit cancun?

Cancun is an amazing place, giving an amazing nightlife and the essence of the luxurious life through its beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts. Flights to Cancun are usually full in three months, April, May and November. Moreover, flights to Cancun are rarely available in early December as the people tend to visit the Cancun in this season a lot.

At the beggining of the year

Cancun has excellent and beautiful weather throughout the year. However, people take flight to Cancun from early December through April. The months of January, February and March are the most fantastic to enjoy the weather of Cancun because there are not clouds in the sky either unexpected dramatical change of weather. It rains a lot in Cancun. You will expect a very little rain in January, February and March but not hurricanes. The jungles are cooler and the beach waters are perfect and cooler than the summer months. It is the perfect time to take a swim at the beach or to enjoy the sun bath.

Temperatures in the morning and in the night are warm to moderate in the months of January, February and March. However, if you take flight to Cancun from December through early April, do not forget to pack a light jacket or a light sweater with you as it can get gold in the nights.

Weather in cancun

When is the perfect time to go with the family?

Book your flight to Cancun from April through the whole June if you have a family or kids. November is a good time too. The fares of the flights, hotels, resorts and ticket fares of many vocational activities are lower than the peak season. The beaches, tourist attractions and the resorts are less crowded than usual. You can have a peaceful stay at Cancun throughout these months. However, some places can get crowded due to the week of Thanksgiving.

Who does not want to book the cheapest flight to Cancun. After all, flights are expensive and everybody wants to save a little cash to spend on the nightlife of Cancun. Booking a flight to Cancun or booking in advance can have a little disadvantage. But, the prices go high if you wait for too long too. Then what to do? There’s no science to it but you should book 3-4 months prior. You will find the best seasonal trip fares taken from December through mid April.

Cancun beach with palm trees

If you are confused about the hotels or your accommodation, book as soon as you can. The earlier you book, the better deals you will get. Book your hotels at least 6 months prior as some hotel rooms have some discounted deals going on. As soon as they start to get booked, the prices of the rooms increase. In my opinion, book your hotel right after you  book your flight to Cancun.


Reasons why Cancun is safe for vacationers


Cancun is one of the most popular places to visit. There are lots of people that travel to this place for pleasure, honey moons, spring break or just becuse. While there are also some of the things that you have to consider while traveling to Cancun is safety concerns. Along with the high tourism and lots of cheap flights to Cancun, it is also popular about Cancun that this place is not much safe to visit.

So, if you are not much aware of this fact, then consider the following things that perfectly elaborate on why Cancun is not safe for trips.

1.    Some desafortunates cases with guns

One of the major reasons due to which it is considered that Cancun is not s to place for trips is shootings. In the past few years, it is reported that Cancun was one of those cities in Mexico where City Police usually remain alert because of any kind of incident. This is the reason in the past few years, there captured lots of shooting cases in Cancun in which different tourists and locals were injured. Due to these aspects, it is declared that Cancun is not much secure place to visit for families.

cups around the beach

2.    Like other cities, the crimes exists

Along with shootings, different criminal acts such as robberies and theft are becoming common in Cancun these days. Different people including locals and tourists are being victimized of these crimes. They have lost their important assets and a huge amount of money in such cases and faced lots of problem during their trip. In this case, they won’t make their trip worthy and even can’t make themselves happen to get back to their homeland.

3.    Some cases of people died

Another one of the greatest threats due to which it is declared that Cancun is one of the dangerous places to visit is murders. In the past few years, lots of murder cases are captured in Cancun. Different locals and tourist were killed in different incidents such as robbery, theft, snatching, or any other case. They have lost their lives along with their assets. Because of all of such incidents, you will see Police standing at most of the tourist’s spots to protect both locals and tourists.

cups on walking security

Well, above has described some of the reasons due to which it is declared that traveling to Cancun is not safe. There are lots of security threats that could become quite severe that you can your’s or your loved ones’ lives in those incidents. So, instead of booking cheap flights to Cancun, make sure to understand these facts and neglect the idea of Cancun trip.

Save money on your next adventure in Puerto Vallarta

At one time Mexico was known to be an incredibly reasonable get-away goal however circumstances are different. Genuine, it is as yet a greatly improved an incentive than numerous mainstream places of interest however on the off chance that you are economical it takes more work to adhere to it, particularly in the shoreline goals like Puerto Vallarta or Playa del Carmen. That is the reason we are sharing our top approaches to set aside cash in Puerto Vallarta. Moreover, you will also get Puerto Vallarta cheap flights and save money as well. Let s share a few tips with you all.

1.      Safe money by Using the Bus:

Even though cabs are genuinely cheap, in case you’re on limited spending you can spare a great deal of dinner after some time. Taxi passages are normally 70 pesos inside one zone and increment with each zone you cross. Transports are just 10 pesos anyplace inside Puerto Vallarta. Regardless of whether there are you four sharing a taxi the transport will even now be reduced cost and that is accepting you just cross one zone!

2.      Safe money by Eating at Taco Stands:

When you went to Puerto Vallarta, you can’t ignore different types of tacos. You will easily find the tacos cart at every corner of the road. These tacos are cost-effective and delicious at the same time. You can purchase this delicious food at the cheapest price. You can add different filling in tacos and enjoy every bite of it. In this way, you can save money easily.

3.      Save money by making own meals:

Some people, who came with families often buy their grocery and prepare their meals at cheap prices. It is the best and easy tips to save almost half of your food price and you can save that amount for any other business. This can be very effective if you have decided to stay on an airbnb instead of an hotel.

eating at the park

4.      Safe money by purchase from the local market:

Some people skip shopping while traveling because the locals also charge more on cheap things. They think you are a stranger and don’t know the real price of the things. So, it is better to purchase from the local markets especially from the carts.


Prepare your budget because you´ll save some money in your next vacations


There are lots of places where people travel to spend their vacations along with their friend and family, while Cancun is one of the best places among all. It offers lots of amazing stuff to experience in that city. A number of adventurous things that you can explore over there and make your trip worthy.

Additionally, most of the people come to Cancun from Montreal. They love to visit this place because of its beautiful beaches and ideal weather to spend Summer vacations.

In this case, lots of people spend a lot more amount on the trip that they face a budget problem in the middle of the trip. This thing usually happens when people spend a lot more amount on Montreal to Cancun flights. Well, this thing is quite a foolishness.

So, here we are going to tell you about some of the tips that will help you out to get cheap Montreal to Cancun flights easily.

Airplane´s seat

1.    Get Economy Ticket

One of the best ways to get cheap Montreal to Cancun flights is booking the economy ticket instead of business class. Most of the people make this mistake that they purchase the business class ticket and spend a lot of amount on the flights only. This thing disturbs their whole budget and makes them compromise on lots of amazing things that they should have to experience in Cancun. So always get the economy tickets and save your money.

2.    Contact with the Cheap Airline

Another one the most effective way by which you can get cheap flights is book tickets of any cheap airline services. Most of the people making the same mistake that they book any luxurious airline that cost them a lot. They spend a lot of amount from their budget on get the best ticket or flight experience when is not necessary and then face problems to explore different things during the trip. So, it is recommended that you should book any cheap airline instead of any classy one.

person taking a photo

3.    Go in Off-Season

Another one of the best ways to get best deals to flights, is plan the visit in the off-season. At that time of the year, airlines reduce their rates and you can easily get a flight with for half of the cost that if you had bought it a high season or while prices are too high due to demand. Another way is to use flight outlets to travel in low seasons. You can plan these up to one year in advance.



Tips to get fabulous deals in your next travel

Cancun is one of the best places to visit in Mexico. It is quite a famous tourist destination where lots of people visit and explore the amazements over there.

Because of all these things that you will explore over, the trip to Cancun become too much expensive that a common person cannot afford. If he/she decides to visit Cancun, then he/she has to plan a proper budget and stick to that plan for the whole time, which sometimes kills all the charm in that city.

So, here we are going to tell you about some of the tips by which you can easily get a cheap trip to Cancun and adittional fabulous deals.

1.    Go in Off-Season to get fabulous deals

One of the best ways to get a cheap trip to Cancun is visiting that city in the off-season. There are lots of people that travel to Cancun in Summer. That time of the year is very busy for tourism. Lots of people travel to this city to spend their vacations there due to which everything becomes quite expensive in Cancun city. This is the reason that you should visit Cancun in the off-season instead of summer. At that time of the year, rates will quite low and you can easily explore most of the places of Cancun in your own budget. Additionally, you will get number of Montreal to Cancun flights in that season easily.

Website disccounts

2.    Check Discount Website

Another one of the most effective ways by which you can get a cheap trip to Cancun is visiting some discount websites. There are lots of such websites that arrange tours on different packages. They can arrange a trip to Cancun easily with the cheap Montreal to Cancun flights that will not affect your budget. Additionally, they can create the most suitable and best tour for you that will not affect your budget and your time.

3.    Use a Travel Agent

Another one of the most effective approaches to getting a cheap trip to Cancun is the usage of a travel agent. Instead of arranging all the things on your own, it is a better approach that you should use a travel agent. These travel agents will plan the most suitable and cost-effective trip for you along with the cheap Montreal to Cancun flights that will not much affect your budget.


So, consider all the above-described tips and make sure to get cheap flights to Cancun from any other place including Montreal.

How to Pack For Your Trip to Mexico

The most important thing that comes after booking flights to Mexico City is packing your stuff for the trip. You need to keep it short, compact, yet extremely filled with all the necessary stuff you are expectant to use in Mexico City. Here are some tips to help in packing.

accesories to package

Making a List:

Don’t start packing just when you are done with booking flights to Mexico City in fact you need to make a list of stuff you need to take along with you. This is because, most probably you will have to go for shopping to complete your list thus make a list first is better.

Search for Types of Things According to Weather and Temperament of Mexico City:

In list, you will add clothes, personal stuff, food, water bottles and cash. However, the question occurs that what type of clothes or personal things you will require there. Here is what you should add in your list:

    • Shorts and Skirts, Jeans as well
    • Sandals, pumps, and sneakers without heal
    • Tank tops and T shirts for parties
    • Bathing suits to keep it healthy
    • Sunscreen lotions, body and hair sprays, and perfumes
    • Important antibiotics
    • Toiletries
    • And complete itinerary like passport, tickets you have booked for flights to Mexico City

Go for shopping:

This is not a necessary thing you would do while packing your bags for your trip. You have to use this option only if you have something missing from the stuff you need to take with you to Mexico City. Therefore, go to shopping and make sure to buy every necessary thing. Don’t keep it as an option to buy from the Mexico City because for tourists, things are always expensive.

Pack Your Bags:

Now everything required is with you, it is time to start packing your bags. I would suggest you to use small shopping bags for keeping everything apart from each other. Such as, in one shopping bag you can keep your soaps, shampoos, paste, brushes, and everything related to toiletries and in other bag you can keep antibiotics and ointments. By doing so, it would be easy for you to reach everything without problem.

Lastly, one thing you need to remember is don’t fill your bag with useless junks rather than keep it compact by having only those things that are must to have on a trip for your convenience.

girl with bagpack and lugage

Mistakes You Should Avoid Making While Visiting Cancun

Cancun is a place to relax, love, and enjoy each minute of your life and leaving all your worries behind. However, as first timers, we are not much aware of so many things regarding the place, weather, temperaments, and how to stay everywhere. So, for all those first timers who want to visit Cancun, here are some facts you should avoid.

Booking Flights to Cancun at Last Minute:

First thing you need to do is book your flights in advance. By doing so, you will be able to find cheap flights of Cancun. Always remember when you are in a hurry and need something at the last minute, you will have to accept the rates from the seller without bargain. Moreover, at last minute, seats remain only in those flights that have not very good service. So, when you will book in advance, you will have plenty of options to choose from in cheaper rates.

Not Making a Research for Cheap Flights to Cancun with Free Accommodations:

Research is necessary for you in all aspects. Cancun tourism is always green due to which there are so many companies that help you in planning your trip. These companies have made packages in which you can get cheap flights to Cancun including booking at the top hotels. The prices of packages vary form one company to another. Therefore, you need to do the research before making a decision. You can save a lot to shop for stuff at Cancun by booking a package with cheap flights to Cancun and free accommodation.

palm at the beach

Visiting During Peak Holiday Season:

Another mistake we make is we always try to visit places during peak season of tourism. During peak season, everything is expensive due to shortage of supply of stuff than the demands. Hence, you don’t get good prices from flights to stay and gastronomy. Place is same and everything remains even during off-season when there are no holidays but rates of everything decline due to more supply than the demand. You can get cheap flights to Cancun and save a lot if you visit during off-season.

Not Keeping Small Cash along While Visiting Restaurants and Eateries:

Now, when you reach Cancun, I would suggest you to keep small coins and small cash with you. This is because, finding cash is sometimes hard in hotels and it is hotel strategy as well. They always tell you that they don’t have cash to return. Moreover, giving tip to waiters is a custom which should never be broken. When you have small cash with you, you will be able to give tip and save for yourself too.

Not Staying Hydrated and Having no Time to Relax:

Last but not least, the temperament of Cancun is very mild and gentle that makes us feel no thirst. We drink less water and start feeling dehydration. Therefore, you should keep drinking water to avoid dehydration. Also, find time to relax too or else you will get sick at the end of your trip.

Airplane view form inside