Common words you should not use in Mexico

Mexico City is one of the most traditional and full of customs and culture and now it’s a point a travel destination and it’s normally a low budget tour with seeing culture history and many traditional things. if you planning to visit Mexico City so go through a cause selecting a right and cheap flights to Mexico City is best for saving some money to enjoy more in the city and more explore to save enough.


If you are traveling some other country you should know about the things that you not to use in that country. So, talking about some main words that you prevent to talk in Mexico City.


“I’ll have a Tecate, Please”

Tecate is brand of beer mainly favored in the north of the country, where they claim it tastes better than others if you are in Mexico City avoid word Tecate and ordering this brand, and go for one of the Mexico national beers. Such as Leon and Victoria.


“I’m American.”

If you are talking to native people this is the very confusing word, it’s translated from English to Spanish that many people understand that you telling that you’re American or you’re from the USA, so keep avoiding or prevent speak this word in Mexico.


“I love South America.”

Another big mistake is that understanding Mexico is part of South America, so don’t tell this word while traveling in Mexico.


“Do you speak Mexican?”

Don’t use this word to locals cause they reacting very bad when you ask, cause they are very sensitive to their native language if you asking them they understand you are blaming to not educate properly in high school.



Coger is a harmless, useful and common verb that is used in everyday speech, such as “catching a bus” however, in Mexico, coger means ‘to f*ck’, rather than ‘to catch’ just prevent to saying you want ‘to f*ck a bus’ in Mexico.


“I don’t have change.”

Mexico is not that a rich country it’s a developing country while you buying something at local shops the true suggestions is loose change and small notes. While receiving some coins make them save for next time to buy some local shops.


“I voted for Trump.”

Extremely avoiding using these words in Mexico because there are some governmental issues by both presidents, the locality has a different level of hatred for Trump so don’t use this word otherwise maybe it will going to harm you.