Tips to save money while you are in Cancun

Lots of people plan a trip to Cancun every year. They visit there because of the amazing experiences offered by this place. But it requires lots of money to spend on a trip.

So, if you want to save money during your trip to Cancun, then consider the following tips:

1. Book Flights in Advance

Booking flights to Cancun in advance make you able to get cheap flights to Cancun easily. You can save a lot of money in this way and can spend on other important things during the trip.

saving coins to cheap flights

2. Stay in Small Hotels

Don’t book a luxury or big hotels in Cancun. They are very much expensive to afford, also you spend less time there than in the beach. These hotels can only cost you a lot that there could not spare any money for other things. So, stay in small hotels that can cost you low.

3. Stay Near to Beaches

Don’t book a hotel that is far from the beaches. The most important and famous spots in Cancun are its beaches. You have to visit there again and again during the trip. In this case, you will spend a lot of money to only travel from the hotel to the beach and from the beach to the hotel back. In this case, try to stay near the beaches so that you can save money as much as you can.

4. Avoid High Seasons

Don’t ever plan a trip to Cancun in high seasons. At those times, everything got expensive over there. Even if you will look for a small hotel, you will have to pay a lot of money for it. Additionally, you will get no cheap flight to Cancun in those seasons. So, try to visit Cancun in offseason if you don’t have a budget for your trip.

Save money

5. Ignore Tour Guides

You will find lots of tour guides on the street that will ask for taking their service in order to explore Cancun. These guides can charge a lot of money from you for nothing. The only service that they will offer you is taking to a bunch of places and describe you about their history and other important facts. All of these things you can do by your own. just Google the famous places of Cancun and use Google maps during the whole trip that will perfectly navigate you to the location where you want to go.

Well, above has described some of the tips to save money while you are in Cancun. Consider all of these tips and save handsome amount of money during your visit to Cancun.

How much you should spend in Puerto Vallarta to save money

When you take the flights to Puerto Vallarta, you should plan the whole trip first. You can take the assistance of the travel agents because they know everything about the whole trip. You can also check the online blogs of the different travel guides and check their details about accommodations to shopping to save money, etc. The local currency of Puerto Vallarta is Peso and U.S dollars are also acceptable. The prices are different and also varying by the time. If you visit in summer or winter vacations then you might get a discount on everything, especially on Christmas.

Estimated money that you should have during the whole journey:

Here we are trying to estimate a few things that you will need for the whole trip.

1. Accommodation charges:

You can book the accommodation according to your budget and requirements. The Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by many 5-stars, 7-stars, and resorts that charges from $28 dollars to $100 dollars per day. Though, the housing prices are more than food and anything else.

2. Food and drinks:

According to one travel guide, a full day charge of Puerto Vallarta is around $25/day. This is huge in number. There are only two ways to avoid the extra burden on your travel budget, you must save money before coming on any trip or you should buy your own grocery and cook for yourself.

Some people rely on the road-side cart foods that are cheap but sometimes, not healthy. These food carts charge up to $1. A lunch of two people at an average or normal restaurant will charge up to $20 or more. Same as with the drinks, the bars are charging much as compared to the local market. Buy your beverages from walnut. You can also ask for happy hours in bars and then you can drink unlimited. In this way, you have to bear only $5/day and that is affordable. With this in mind, you can save money for next locations.

3. Transportation:

The private transport that you can use here is Taxi but it will charge more than 70 Pesos. These charges are for one zone but if you move from one zone to another, the charges will add 10 pesos per zone and gradually increase.
The local transport here is a bus and if you travel on the bus, it will charge only 10 pesos anywhere in the city. The traveling cost is high so, buses are recommended for travel here and there.

4. Shopping:

Shopping from international brands is not a wise decision. It will cost you around $100 or more. If you want to shop, you can buy things from local markets. The local markets are cheap and you will get things of various types.
You can also book cheap flights to Puerto Vallarta with online service. The online expense calculator will help you to manage your all expenses. You should take the full guidance before coming here. You should also have extra money that you can use, in case of any problem.