Hidden gems of Mexico people do not know about

Whether you have enjoyed your flights to Puerto Vallarta or Cancun many times, but still there are a lot of things in Mexico which you may have not explored yet. The diversity of Mexico is making it one of the unique places to visit in the world. It contains various crystal-clear beaches, cliff-hanging hot springs, breathtaking landscapes, Mystical cenotes and much more than these. However, there are still some gems of Mexico that are less explored and you must need to know about them.

Here are some of the most amazing places in Mexico which will certainly take you an adventure of a lifetime.

·        Grutas Tolantongo

This is an incredible hidden gem in the remote mountains of Mexico. This place is situated in the North of Mexico City. This hot springs’ resort can be an ultimate paradise for vacationers in Mexico. This place features hot pools that are tucked away between lush green trees. This is surely the most unique place to visit in Mexico.

Grutas de tolantongo

·               Yelapa

If you want to enjoy the best and real beach town experience in Mexico then you must stop looking further. It is because Yelapa is a real gem for this which can fulfill your desires. It is also known as the last authentic beach town by some people. Even, it normally remains unpopulated. Because it can be gotten by boat only. However, once you have reached there then you will get the real idea about the beauty of Yelapa.


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·               Isla Holbox

Isla Holbox is a small but one of the most beautiful and peaceful islands. This island is located in the South of Mexico. However, if you want to enjoy some peaceful time at the most beautiful place then this is a perfect option for you. It is because here you can find quiet beaches, peace and crowd-free time with ease. Even if you are looking for a perfect place to find your inner peace then still this can be perfect for you to reach.

·        ‘Las Pozas’ (Surrealist Garden by Edward James)

Las Pozas is one of the most amazing hidden gems to visit in the jungle of Mexico. This is a surrealist garden which was built by Edward James, a British poet. He has the vision to create an Eden-like place with the most surrealist architecture. This is the most wonderful place to visit which will let you live James’ vision perfectly.


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We have brought some of the most special hidden gems of Mexico to you so that you can easily get more from your next trip to Mexico. So, do not wait anymore and start finding the best flights to Puerto Vallarta and enjoy the amazingness of Mexico in the best possible way. It is because Mexico is surely going to make you pack your cam and enjoy the next-level adventure.

Reason Oaxaca beaches are known for water sports

The beautiful Pacific Coast of Oaxaca has many relaxing seaside destinations and an almost empty coastline surrounded by beaches and long golden lakes. The beaches of Oaxaca are famous for their panoramic views but many options are close enough and wonderful to deserve a trip. Water sports activities at Oaxaca beaches will force you to book cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto as soon as possible.

Mexico offers many water sports and activities for tourists. Scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing, surfing, water skiing and rafting are available in some of the most beautiful climates of the world. Here is why Oaxaca beaches are known for water sports.


Rafting is one of the favorite water sports. This water sport does not require much preparation as the guides are well trained to assist you. In Mexico, there are rivers of four levels of difficulty considered world-class by the experienced adventurers. Rafters can discover natural hot springs, lush tropical locales, and limestone cliffs.

Scuba diving

In recent years, Mexico has become very popular as a beautiful diving destination. Mexico offers all types of scuba diving, from entry-level scuba diving on sandy beaches and impressive caves, to great encounters with white sharks and whales in the Pacific.


With its clear turquoise waters, the Caribbean coast of Mexico is particularly famous for snorkeling and diving, although these activities are not limited to these resorts. Sea of ​​Cortez and Pacific Coast also have great places to see the great diversity of the country’s marine life. Discover colorful coral reefs and fish while diving into the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean with your guide to help you.


Zipolite is one of the most popular water sports because you can train at any time of the day. If you want to observe marine life, diving on the nearby beaches is excellent. Or if you prefer to relax and swim, it’s great to surf in Mexico. The experienced surfers will get to their favorite surfing spots, where high-quality waves are appreciated.

Private boat tour

This activity is unique because it will make you discover the beauty and for what is known. It is always recommended to visit the beautiful bays and the best way to do this is by traveling on a private boat. The private boat tour is a great way to watch and enjoy the most beautiful fish and coral reefs.



Mexico has excellent places for whitewater and freshwater rafting, as well as white water rafting. Enjoy the beauty of bird watching, kayaking, nature, and fun in one visit.

Get ready to admire the beauty of nature and book cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto.



Reasons Why students love to visit Mexico

Every student love to visit some amazing places for their vacations to discover new things and get some refreshment from assignment quizzes and exams. The Mexico is full of traditions and cultures to get some extra knowledge and refresh their minds. As a student knowledge is everything for him, Mexico giving double benefit learn about his culture and see some amazing view of pyramid sea and beaches.

So here some extra amazing places in Mexico that everyone should see.


Cancun Underwater Museum and beaches:


Cancun’s underwater museum is full of his knowledge and knows some ancient things and get earn some history knowledge. The Cancun Underwater Museum is an installation of over 500 sculptures beneath the waters of the Cancun Marine Park. It’s opened publicly in 2010 and it’s most popular destinations to visit for students. It’s a very affordable and cheapest price to visit. Many travelers provide Montreal to Cancun flights at a very cheap price for students.

As Cancun full of history but there is some amazing place to relieve the stress through visit its beaches on vacations. There are some resorts which meet with beaches and locally known as “playas”. The most popular playas are de las Perlas, Juventud, Linda, Langosta, Tortugas, Caracol, and Chac-Mool.


Potrero Chico, Nueve Leon in Hidalgo


It’s the best place of hikers and famed location of rock climbing in North America with a high peak of 2,000 feet and top view is some breathtaking. It’s for those students who love adventure things and do hiking and see some amazing places from the top.


Now talk about food, Mexico is full of rich in taste and traditional foods. Everyone loves to see some cultural things especially the student, so here some dishes that you should try during the visit to Mexico.

Potrero climbing

Mexican food & culture:


Food is the main thing that people get attract from Mexico has full of delicious varieties to eat. The

Chilaquiles is the most popular and traditional breakfast that includes lightly fried corn tortillas cut into quarters and topped with green and red salsa, fried eggs and chickens are normally added on top, also cheese and cream as well, this is the only one there is many dishes like Pozole, Tacos al pastor, Tastadas, Chiles en nogada, etc.

Mexican traditional dresses are full of amazing and attractive clothes. The huipil is the traditional dress for girls that they are sleeveless, typically they are made with cotton dressed and having a simple attractive color and the men’s traditional clothing includes sarape which is a large blanket cape, the charro suit with its origin that wears by Mexican cowboy which includes plenty of shades, boots are also a wardrobe staple.

If you are a student and planning to visit some places then Mexico is the right place to visit, and also this article changes your mind to visit Mexico rather than others.

Why day of dead is important in Mexican culture

As we all know the day of the dead is originated from Mexico. Propel from all over the world also come to celebrate this day with locals. The main aim to celebrate this day is to celebrate life and they thinks it’s a circle that complete one day. They use to spend this day with their families and remember their ancestors. Their belief is that their dead family members also come to visit their families on that day specifically. This is the reason they use to spend all the time together, prepare food, decorate their house and streets etc. let’s check out the importance of this day in Mexican culture, and maybe you want to schedule your next cheap flights to cancun from toronto to see it with your own eyes.

Reason: Why day of dead is important in Mexican culture

1.      They love their families:

The day of the dead is considered as the festival. Mexicans from all over the world come to join their families in order to spend whole time together. They use to visit on the graves of their beloved family members. Put their photos and keep their favorite food in front of it.

2.      They transfer legacies in next generations:

The Mexican culture is showcase the importance of the families and celebrating such event is the example of that. Families also transfer this legacy from one generation to another and also denoted that the importance of this event. So, their next generation will also follow their ancestors.


3.      A way to celebrate the life:

The day of the dead is the celebration of the life not dead. The people use to exchange gifts and food as well in order to spread happiness among all. They think that life is the gift of God so enjoy every bit of it.

4.      A way to spend family time:

This event brings families together. When all the family members come to join and sit on the table and eat their favorite food, such event comes often in a year. So, in this way, most of the people who are living away from the families get a chance to meet their families again.

5.      A day in the memories of dead:

This day is dedicated to the dead people. All the family members pray for their dead members, prepare their favorite dishes and went to graveyard. In graveyard they use to decorate the graves, spend their time and also tell the stories of dead people.

In short, this day is very important in Mexican culture because they use to celebrate this day from centuries ago. The local government gives many facilities in order to celebrate that day. From 1st to 2nd of November, the public holidays declared that is why locals use to celebrate that day with happiness.

Important Traditions to Follow In Mexico

Before you book your flights to Mexico City, it is better that you learn about all the important traditions to follow there. As you know that every country and state has its own virtues and culture that frighteners have to follow to while being in that very country and same is the case for Mexico.

Here are some important traditions to follow in the Mexico, so that you can enjoy your journey once you book your flights to Mexico City.

1. Dia De Los Muertos:

Dia De Los Muertos also known as day of the dead among English, is a cultural holiday according to the traditions of Mexicans. If you want to be a part of this cultural festival and tradition, you will have to get the flights to Mexico City for the ending days of October or starting days of November. As the festival takes place on the November first and second. It is a great celebration to give tribute to the deceased relatives and friends.

2. Las Posadas:

It is more than a religious tradition according to Mexican culture because in this holy advent of Joseph and Marry to the Bethlehem is celebrated. The celebrations involve special foods and drinks along with prayers are made. Besides this, an important thing related to this event is here every family names one of their child as angel to commemorate their links with Gods. This is another festival that you can enjoy by booking your flights to Mexico City.


3. Bull Fighting:

Bull fighting and Mexico are without a doubt name of the same thing. Your no visit to Mexico can be completed without watching bull fighting in the city. Mexico keeps holding these festivals throughout the year however during holidays the enthusiasm is more. Therefore, if you want to see this amazing bull fight with its complete zeal and full feel, it is better that you book your flights to Mexico City during holiday season.

4. Cinco de Mayo:

Cinco de Mayo is another important day according to cultural traditions of Mexico. This celebrations relates to remembering the victory of Mexico over France back in the 1862. This event is especially dear the Mexican youth because there held musical events, dancing sessions, eating competitions, and many more things that youthful enjoy more. If in your flights to Mexico City, you are taking youngsters, don’t forget to be a part of this event.

So, this is all about the important events of Mexico. It is better that you not only learn but keep a note of these events along with you while you book your flights to Mexico City. By this, you’ll remember the dates better.

Before you book your flights to Mexico City, it is better that you learn about all the important traditions to follow there. As you know that every country and state has its own virtues and culture that frighteners have to follow to while being in that very country and same is the case for Mexico.

Here are some important traditions to follow in the Mexico, so that you can enjoy your journey once you book your flights to Mexico City.


Places to go with the family in Cancun

Cancun is one of the best places to visit in Mexico City. It is very much popular because of its amazing adventures and historical background. There are lots of people that travel this place on both vocational and business tours. Additionally, there are several cheap flights to Cancun from all over the world. If you are also planning a tour this year, then Cancun is the best option among all.

There are lots of things to do in Cancun. There are also several places that you can explore in this city. These places will make your trip more excited and adventures. Most of the people don’t even know about the places that are most famous in Cancun and they should visit there.

sunny day at the beach

1.    Dolphin Beach

Dolphin beach is one of the best places to visit in Cancun. It offers a relaxing environment for the people that visit this place. Here you can take long strolls, play different games and feel the sand under your feet. There are also a couple of restaurants near this place where you can enjoy the delicious Mexican food while experiencing the beautiful sightseeing of sea view.

2.    Crococun

Crococun is a beautiful zoo that is thirty kilometers from the downtown of Cancun. You can explore all the spots of this zoo along with the guide that will tell you about the fauna and flora at Crococun. This place is perfect for the people that are on a family trip and they also have little kids along with them because here they will get a chance to play with baby crocodiles and feed spider monkeys.

Lady with a baby crocodile

3.    Senor Frogs restaurant

If you are in Cancun and you don’t visit Senor Frogs restaurant, then you had done nothing during your whole trip. It is one of the best restaurants in Cancun where you will find the most delicious Mexican food items. It is the perfect spot to dine with your friends or family in Cancun.

4.    All Ritmo Water Park

It is another great place to visit for kids. It is a place with lots of fun things like water slides, water rides, and water umbrellas. All these experience will freshen you up from the tiredness of the trip and offer your kids a chance to enjoy their holiday trip in the way they love.

Air view of all ritmo


Well, consider all the above-described places and make sure to visit all of them if you are on a trip to Cancun.


Facts about Cancun You Will Be Surprised To Know

Before 1970, Cancun was a black space and home to nothing but Serpents and now it is the best tourist destination in Europe. Cancun is Mexican city locating at the Yucatán Peninsula, the border that touches the Caribbean Sea. Cancun is all about beautiful beaches, extreme nightlife, pubbing, discoing, and eating your favorite food. Millions of tourists every year visit this place during the holiday season that makes international airport of Mexico one of the busiest airports in the world.
However, during the off-season, you can enjoy discounts by booking some cheap flights to Cancun. Here are some facts about Cancun that you will be surprised to know:

Face Number One:

Cancun had no population before 1970 and there were wild animals. The place was especially filled with snakes of various types that were dangerous. After 1970, the place started to get develop. At the start, there were only a few families used to live in Cancun. However, now it is home to millions of people and an attractive place for tourists who book cheap flights to Cancun to come here and have the best time of their life.

Face Number Two:

The sand of the beaches in Cancun never gets hot even in the wild sun and that’s why it had been a great place of breed for reptiles. Reptiles are cold-blooded by nature and they are able to live breed and hybrid. However, now there are no snakes and beaches are safe to walk even without wearing sandals or shoes. The sand has a greyish black tone that’s made of crushed coral. Coal is a good insulator of heat that sucks the heat and keeps surrounding cool.

Face Number Three:

The other name of Cancun is the city of festivals that’s not official but many tourists call it so because you get to see so many festivals here throughout the year. Cancun people are the happiest people in the world. They are always celebrating love, care, affection, and life. You can book cheap flights to Cancun to be a part of these festivals. Names of some famous festivals that everyone loves to be part of are the Cancun Jazz Festival, film festivals, Equinox celebrations, and Cancun Cinco de Mayo festival that happen on various intervals of time during the year. There is much more you can be a part of by visiting Cancun.


Face Number Four:

Cancun tourism is always at its peak due to which hotel business is most lucrative here. In Cancun, you will find around 140 hotels, more than 350 restaurants, over 24,000 rooms, and so many tourist companies that can help you to book cheap flights to Cancun and find the most cost-effective accommodations.

Face Number Five:

Cancun is a place for everyone. From adults to kids and older all love coming here because Cancun has something for everyone. Age at Cancun is just a number because people forget about the number of years they had been living as it feels like life has just started at Cancun.



Reasons nightlife of Cancun is very popular

Mexico is the state that is famous for its amazing city life and night options. There are many cities in Mexico who are famous for their nightlife. One of them is Cancun with all the fun elements and a lot of other options as well. People travel from all over the world and take flights to Cancun from different countries, only to come to enjoy the nightlife of Cancun. Let’s discuss, why the nightlife of Cancun is famous and what the reasons are?

Reasons nightlife of Cancun is very popular:


For unlimited fun come to Cancun:

There are many people and especially couples come to visit Cancun only to enjoy their private time here and enjoy the nightlife of Cancun. You can freely go anywhere; you can get everything in the night time. Not all cities provide much fun. You can even enjoy while walking on the streets of Cancun.

For party all night come to Cancun:

Cancun is the city where the parties run all night and keep going until the sun rises. People love to enjoy and dance with amazing music. Many people held different parties at night and they offer an open invitation for all, come and join the party. You can join any party at any hour of the night. The fun is unlimited and unforgettable.

Cars and people on the street at night

For best bar deals come to Cancun:

In Cancun, there are many bars that open all night long and also offer free bar hours. In free hours that bar is open for the house and complimentary drinks are being served for all the guests. Most of the bars are also offer food and you can eat anytime. There is no shortage of food and beverages in the bars of Cancun.

For Live music and dance, come to Cancun:

For the live music experience and dance floor, come to visit Coco Bongo in Cancun city. It’s the best place to spend hours with tequila shots and dance on your favorite song. There are live DJs who play dance and party numbers back to back to increase the power of people. You can also experience different musical Bands performing live here. There are many other restaurants as well who offer live music with a dance floor. Smooth and romantic numbers are best for couples.

Club and nightlife at bar in cancun

For Getting food any time, come to Cancun:

Are you feeling hungry? Don’t worry you can easily get food here in Cancun. You can also get the food from the local street carts. Moreover, there are many bars that offer food as well. You can also experience live food and also get the chefs special at night.
The atmosphere of the Cancun is quite hot in the day that is why people prefer to come out at night time. This is the main reason for its amazing nightlife. Every bar, clubs, restaurants are full of the crowd but people enjoy it a lot. If you want that fun take any flights to Cancun and enjoy your trip with locals.

Best places to stay in Cancun on holidays

A lot of tourists fly everywhere from Canada to Mexico and this increase in trips between countries have compelled tourist companies to introduce Montreal to Cancun flights packages in cheaper rates. You can find easier Montreal to Cancun flights along with cheaper hotel and resorts booking. For this cause, make sure you get in touch with a company that offers convenient Montreal to Cancun flights along with cost effective packages to stay in hotels.

Here Are Some Options Of Best Places You Can Choose To Stay In Cancun


Resorts will be an expensive choice yet a best place to stay. Some best resorts in Cancun are embedded with safari parks, pools, beachside rooms, and best rooms with up to the mark services. If you can afford, you must spend some days in resorts to feel like the king of Cancun.

Un hermoso lugar de playa


Another option that you can choose to stay in Cancun is hotel stay. The basic and foremost difference between a hotel and resort is, resort is bigger and expensive and based on parks, pools, zoo, and gym center etc. On the other hand, a hotel is based on a building having cozy rooms to stay and a small pool and some lawn gardens. However, booking hotel rooms is cheaper than booking resorts.


Moreover, you can also choose motels to stay. Motels are not lavish places to stay and room has got quite limited stuff such as simply a bed or chair. Moreover, room service is also not available, yet these are cheaper options to stay because they charge you conveniently lower rates.


Another option you can choose to stay in the Cancun is hostels. These aren’t student hostels but tourist hostels. Here, you will have to share room with some more people. Many tourists suffering from lack of money can choose this option for a secure stay in Mexico because you simply cannot stay on roads.

Un hermoso lugar de playa

Rent a Home:

If you need to stay in Cancun for longer periods of time, you should rent a home. There are many agents in Mexico and Cancun who can rent you home for some period of time. Homes are available on some finest locations such as on the seashores and in posh areas. I will suggest you to book a staying place before you book Montreal to Cancun flights to avoid any inconvenience.

Places you must visit in Mexico all the year

Mexico is one of the best places to visit with your friends and family. It offers lots of beautiful places, fascinating sceneries and ancient architecture of old Mexican civilisation. It also attracts tourists through its mind-blowing adventures, majestic mountains and evergreen jungles.

Well, along with all these offerings, there is also a thing to consider what are the best places to visit in Mexico. No doubt most of the areas are good to visit, but there are some of the places that offer extraordinary experiences to the tourists. So, here we are going to tell you about the best places to arrange flights to Mexico City.

Visita un lugar increíble en Puebla.

1. Puebla

Puebla was founded in 1531, and it is now Mexico’s 5th largest city with almost 2 million population. It is also one of the towns to offer cheap flights to Mexico.
This city is one of the biggest attractions for tourists because it is one of the oldest cities in Mexico. Most of the people come and visit this place to experience its amusing history and beautiful architecture.

Additionally, this city offers the most delicious Mexican food items that you may have ever tries anywhere else in Mexico. So, if you are in Pueblo, never miss trying Mole Poblano because it is the most popular and delicious traditional Mexican food in Puebla.


2. Merida

Merida is another one of the best places to visit in Mexico. It is also known as White City. It is the capital of Yucatan State of Mexico. It was found in 1542 due to which it is considered one of the ancient cities in Mexico.

Merida is famous because of its historic offerings. There are lots of historic buildings in Merida. It features the city’s main plaza named “El Zocalo”. At this place, there are lots of historical structures that are available like the Governor’s Palace and 16th-century Cathedral. It also offers terrific nightlife which makes the trip more excited.

visita Taxco lugar de artesanos

3. Taxco

Taxco is another place to offer cheap flights to Mexico. This place is famous for its silver works. Almost every building in this city provides silver works which amuse a lot to the tourists.

Taxco was the first mining region of the New World. In these days, you will find the streets of this city are paved with stones, huge colonial houses filled with colourful balconies and lots of small squares in the city. It also offers the historical architecture of ancient civilisation in the form of Santa Prisca Church, which is one of the oldest building in Taxco.


4. Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon is another one of the best places to visit in Mexico. It is located in the Chihuahua state of Mexico which offers a series of Canyons that are the broadest and deepest canyon in Mexico. These canyons are famous for their names because of their greenish copper colour. To explore these canyons, you have to use Chihuahua al Pacifico railways that offer the track of almost 37 bridges and 86 tunnels at the height of 2,400 meters.