Places to visit in Montreal in Summer


Montreal is a famous city located in Canada.

Canada is a beautiful place and is famous for its educational and cultural diversity.

People from all over the world visit this beautiful place Montreal and spend their time in this city.

If you are travelling back from Montreal to Cancun flights then you have to know the beautiful places in Montreal, if you are planning to go to Montreal for your vacation then you should visit these famous places in Montreal this summer which are as follows:


Gorgoeus Olympic Park in Montreal

The Olympic Park is located in the beautiful city and most famous tourist destination in this city of Canada.

People who visit Montreal should go to Olympic park to observe the wonderful history and beautiful rocks.


Orange julep is located in the north of this city and is one of the most visited sites in Montreal. People love to visits this place and spend their wonderful time in front of the statue.


The Saint Joseph Oratory at Mount Royal is a place to visit

If you are going to visit Montreal then you should visit this beautiful place Mount royal. This is the beautiful architectural history which people enjoys.


If you want to visits the beautiful place and wants to capture the beautiful moment then you should visit the Belvedere of mount royal. This place is famous for its beautiful view as you can clearly see the skyline of Montreal.


The Clock Tower, another visiting spot in Montreal

Everyone who visits Montreal went to the famous old port of Montreal but if you ever heard about this beautiful place named clock tower.

This is biggest clock tower of Montreal which is named Victoria Pier. If you want to spend your time on the St-Laurent Water and enjoy the sun then you should visits this place and enjoy the spot.


If you are interested in visiting the best parks in Montreal then you should visit the Lafontaine park.

This place is very beautiful and it is surrounded by a tennis court and a beautiful lake. If you visit this place then you enjoy the beautiful moment with your family and friends.


if you are spending your time in Montreal to enjoy the beautiful summer and released your stress then you should visit the famous street named Ste-Catherine street.

This street is famous for its shopping and if you are loving to buy new clothes or anything then this is the best place to go in Montreal.

If you planning to spend your vacation in Montreal then this is the best decision you have ever made.

This is the beautiful city with many historical sites. If you are taking Montreal to Cancun flights then you have experienced these places in Montreal that make your trip memorable.


Things you should not to when you are in Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful place to visit. But like everything visiting Mexico has its own pros and cons.

There are somethings which you should strictly follow, and you should try to avoid these as much as possible.

But there are also some things you should not avoid like cheap flights to Mexico. They will ensure that you can get the most out of your tour.

Traveling in car

Using the public transport can be the best option

You should always try to walk your way to your destination. If its far away, you should look for the nearest Metro bus station or subway station. There is good network of public transport and it will sorely save you a lot of money.

Loosing your id cards or passport

Losing your id card can be a real problem

If you are in Mexico on a tour, and you lose your identity card or passport, you can get in serious trouble. This will make you to go in offices and pay heavy fines.

You should always keep a copy of your important documents with you and keep the real ones at a safe place like hotel room in a locker.

This will make your travelling experience better even if you lose copies, you will not get in trouble.

Paying with credit/debit cards

Sometimes is not a good option to pay with a card

In Mexico some places accept cards for payment, but most markets and vendors don’t accept cards for payment. They prefer payments in cash.

Keeping some spare cash alongside can help you save some time.

Accepting the first price

Street vendors usually try to earn more and to do this they trap the tourists by asking for more money.

They usually tell higher price because they know that tourists ae not familiar with the prices in the market.

You should always negotiate with these sellers for better prices.

Showing off your expensive things

When in Mexico there is always risk of getting things snatched or pickpocketed. When exploring the country, you should not bring your expensive jewelry or expensive gadgets.

You should always keep them in a safe place.

To make the most out of your tour of Mexico you should keep things discussed above in mind. This will keep you save from any kind of problems or hesitation.

You can get the best experience by spending the right amount at the right place. For this purpose, you can use cheap flights to Mexico.

They will leave you with some spare amount which tou can use on tour trip for any purpose.


Best places to visit as a couple in Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta is a small town in Mexico that is famous for its beaches, nightlife and water sports.

If you want to visit Puerto Vallarta as a couple this year then you can take the flights to Puerto Vallarta and enjoy the beautiful city with your wife.

This place is wonderful as it is surrounded by famous beaches and architectural sites.

Some of the places to visit as a couple in Puerto Vallarta are as follows:

Dig your toes in the sand

Beach at Puerto Vallarta

If you ever visit Puerto Vallarta then you should about the beaches of this city. this city has many beautiful and romantic beaches where you can spend your time with your wife.

If you visit this place and dig your toes in the sand and talk with your wife then this is the most wonderful and romantic moment of your life.

If you enjoy this moment then you will also feel the sea breeze which makes your heart filled with love for your partner.

Snorkel at Los Arcos

Underwater swimming is also one of the most romantic things you can experience in Puerto Vallarta.

There are many famous snorkeling places in this city where you can enjoy the underwater swimming with your partner and enjoy swimming with fish, turtles, etc.

Stroll the malecon

People believed that if you are on a honeymoon and visiting Puerto Vallarta then you should walk on Malecon.

Malecon is a beautiful place in this city where it is designed with restaurants and bars and it is perfect place for the couple because it is one of the romantic place of this city.

You can walk on the Malecon with your partner holding her hand and breathe the sea air and enjoy the weather with her.

Stay in a romantic beach hotel

Hotel at beach side in Puerto Vallarta

If you are tired of a day-long visiting the place of this city then you should take some rest and can go to the beach hotel.

It is the most beautiful hotel for the couple where you can relax and have some quality time with your partner.

The beach hotel room is well furnished and is designed in the way that the window opens on the beach.

If you want to make your journey memorable then you should stay in this beach hotel and enjoy your tour with your wife.

Enjoy dinner & a Show

A restaurant in Puerto Vallarta

If you have researched about mexico then you should one thing that mexico is famous for its food and lavish restaurants.

If you are going to visit Mexico with your partner then you can enjoy the dinner at any fancy restaurant where they provide a romantic ambiance with light music.

If you are planning your vacation with your partner then you should take the flight to Puerto Vallarta and make your journey memorable as this place is one of the most romantic places in the world.

Tips for ladies to stay safe in Mexico while traveling

Mexico is a beautiful place and it is one of the famous tourist destinations, people from all over the world gather in this place to spend their vacations.

This country is very beautiful as it has many famous beaches and other architectural sites which everyone wants to explore.

If you are a girl and you are taking the flights to Cancun then you should be aware of a few things that will make you safe in Mexico while traveling which are as follows:

Stay healthy on the road

A dish of beef fajistas, a traditional mexican food

The worst part of the vacations is that you start being sick and you are not feeling well.

If you start getting tired then it can be dangerous for you so be aware of this thing and make yourself hydrated and eat healthy foods.

Avoid being scammed while abroad

There are a lot of people that scammed with tourist and sell their products at double prices.

Tourist is new in the town and they don’t know much about the culture and some people take advantage of this and fraud with tourists.

To avoid these situations you should aware of the town you are traveling to. If you are aware of this thing then you can save a lot of money by not getting fraud or scammed by some locals and you will know about the city.

Make yourself a hard target

Hiding your money while traveling is always a good idea

If you are saving your money to travel around the world and you go on a trip where you faced any accident and thieves snatches your valuable things.

This situation is possible because every country is facing crime.

To avoid these situations, you can use a pocket belt where you can hide your money while traveling.

Do not open the door

If you are traveling alone in Mexico then you should keep this thing in mind that you do not have to opened the door unless you the person beside the door.

It is the best technique by thieves or some other people who come with bad ideas.

See the best attractions without the crowds

If you are saving your money to travel and want to safely travel then you should not visit a place that is full of people and overcrowded.

Always selects a location where you can travel with fewer people and see the sites.

The only reason to be aware of the overcrowded places if you are women and traveling alone in Mexico is that it can be possible that you faced any accident that will make your trip worst.

Dress like locals

Try to dress like the locals in Mexico City

Mexico is a big country with different culture and diversity. If you visitng Mexico then you should dressed like locals to avoid any mishap verbally or physically.

Although the Mexican is very polite and friendly with the tourist it can be possible that you faced any bad situation.

If you wants to travel alone and take the flight to Cancun then you should keep these points in your mind to make yourself safe in this beautiful country.

Top 5 concerts in Mexico you should not miss


Mexico is a rich country in terms its traditional values. People of Mexico are working and giving their best efforts to keep its traditions alive.

One of the most important parts of Mexico`s traditions is musical festivals or concerts. If you have planned a trip to Mexico, you can use cheap flights to Mexico city.

This will cost you less and it will help you save some money which you can later use in Mexico.

In Mexico there are some traditional festivals and concerts which you should not miss.

Fiesta de la Candelaria

Photo of the Day of Candelaria in Veracruz, Mexico

Every year in early February people gather for a religious celebration.

This takes place in the town of Talcotalpan. Virgins are floated down the river.

This a 3-day festival and its real highlight is the Son Jarocho music festival where traditional music is played.

Festival de Mexico

Every year in the month of March or April around 50 venues are selected around the capital city of Mexico and traditional acts of theater and opera are performed along with music.

This is a two-week event.

Carnaval in Veracruz and Mazatlan

Carnival of Veracruz last for 9 days

This is a 9-day event hosted every year in the month of March.

It is Mexico`s biggest festival. There are live performances, party, live music and dance performances.

Here you can be amused by the brass band sounds of Mazatlan.

Morelia International Festival

This festival takes place in mid-October.

The main highlight is the production of documentaries and music that reflects the Mexican traditions.

This makes the city come to life with the activity around the main square.

People gather here for screening in open-air environment that goes on for the whole night.

Day of the Dead

Guanajuato, Mexico – January 12, 2019: Portrait of a woman with beautiful Day of the Dead themed costumes and skull makeup on the streets of Guanajuato, Mexico.

In start of November there comes an event named as the Day of the Dead.

This is celebrated with colorful traditional decorations and music. For Mexicans death is not a sorrowful thing, it is rather a cause of celebration.

Mexico is no doubt a beautiful tourist destination. There are many places tourists can visit including historical buildings, traditional artifacts and blessings of nature.

On your trip to Mexico there are some things that you should not miss. Some traditional concerts on Mexico were discussed above which every tourist should visit.

You can enjoy your trip at very low costs. To reduce travelling cost, you can go for cheap flights to Mexico. This will help you boost your traveling experience of this place.

Safest Spots in Mexico if you are a solo traveler

We all heard about the cheap flights to Mexico City from Toronto and from other regions of the world too.

But one thing that we forget to explore this country before booking our flights is that if it is really safe to travel to this place?

Well, the answer to this question must not be known by many people right now because none of us try to even think about it because we feel extra excited when the flights are books.

This article is majorly about the safest sports in Mexico that you can visit fearlessly.

Let us get started with them in detail now.

1.      Beaches

Beach at Puerto Vallarta

Beaches of Mexico are very safe because the security personals of this place are very active all the time, and also the locals are very nice people who try to protect the visitors and tourists.

You will never feel harassed in any form at the beaches of this country.

Other than just the nicest place to visit in Mexico, the beaches with warm blue water are also the safest ones for every person who some here, either alone or in group.

2.      Churches

Cathedral at the center of Mexico City

Churches, like at any other place in the world, is a sacred place which is respected by every person in the world.

You can go out to the church with some money in your pocket, but better you get card with yourself so that you can use that for buying anything.

Other than being convenient, it is necessity which you have to fulfill to keep yourself and your money safe and sound.

Other than this there is no issue and it is completely safe for you.

3.      City Center

Photo fo the Zocalo in Mexio City

The city center of Mexico is that point where there is a lot of rush of people all the time.

It is a busy place, and the security of this location is always very tight no matter if it is night time or day.

All you have to keep in mind is that you take your documents with you, you must have your license if you are driving, you must have your hotel receipt if you are tourist, and your identity card definitely.

Well, this is all you have to do and everything is extremely very simple.

You are just supposed to do your best in terms of keeping things simple and clear, else you are going to get into trouble.

As you get your flights to Mexico City from Toronto confirmed or from any other region of the world, the next best thing you can do for yourself is to explore the safety of places you are going to visit upon reaching this country.

It is very important even though there are no such cases reported against this place.

But still, safety is better than crying over spilled milk, try out the places only that are as safe as those mentioned above.

We wish you a really cool trip to Mexico in the future.


Hidden gems of Mexico people do not know about

Whether you have enjoyed your flights to Puerto Vallarta or Cancun many times, but still there are a lot of things in Mexico which you may have not explored yet. The diversity of Mexico is making it one of the unique places to visit in the world. It contains various crystal-clear beaches, cliff-hanging hot springs, breathtaking landscapes, Mystical cenotes and much more than these. However, there are still some gems of Mexico that are less explored and you must need to know about them.

Here are some of the most amazing places in Mexico which will certainly take you an adventure of a lifetime.

·        Grutas Tolantongo

This is an incredible hidden gem in the remote mountains of Mexico. This place is situated in the North of Mexico City. This hot springs’ resort can be an ultimate paradise for vacationers in Mexico. This place features hot pools that are tucked away between lush green trees. This is surely the most unique place to visit in Mexico.

Grutas de tolantongo

·               Yelapa

If you want to enjoy the best and real beach town experience in Mexico then you must stop looking further. It is because Yelapa is a real gem for this which can fulfill your desires. It is also known as the last authentic beach town by some people. Even, it normally remains unpopulated. Because it can be gotten by boat only. However, once you have reached there then you will get the real idea about the beauty of Yelapa.


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·               Isla Holbox

Isla Holbox is a small but one of the most beautiful and peaceful islands. This island is located in the South of Mexico. However, if you want to enjoy some peaceful time at the most beautiful place then this is a perfect option for you. It is because here you can find quiet beaches, peace and crowd-free time with ease. Even if you are looking for a perfect place to find your inner peace then still this can be perfect for you to reach.

·        ‘Las Pozas’ (Surrealist Garden by Edward James)

Las Pozas is one of the most amazing hidden gems to visit in the jungle of Mexico. This is a surrealist garden which was built by Edward James, a British poet. He has the vision to create an Eden-like place with the most surrealist architecture. This is the most wonderful place to visit which will let you live James’ vision perfectly.


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We have brought some of the most special hidden gems of Mexico to you so that you can easily get more from your next trip to Mexico. So, do not wait anymore and start finding the best flights to Puerto Vallarta and enjoy the amazingness of Mexico in the best possible way. It is because Mexico is surely going to make you pack your cam and enjoy the next-level adventure.

Reason Oaxaca beaches are known for water sports

The beautiful Pacific Coast of Oaxaca has many relaxing seaside destinations and an almost empty coastline surrounded by beaches and long golden lakes. The beaches of Oaxaca are famous for their panoramic views but many options are close enough and wonderful to deserve a trip. Water sports activities at Oaxaca beaches will force you to book cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto as soon as possible.

Mexico offers many water sports and activities for tourists. Scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing, surfing, water skiing and rafting are available in some of the most beautiful climates of the world. Here is why Oaxaca beaches are known for water sports.


Rafting is one of the favorite water sports. This water sport does not require much preparation as the guides are well trained to assist you. In Mexico, there are rivers of four levels of difficulty considered world-class by the experienced adventurers. Rafters can discover natural hot springs, lush tropical locales, and limestone cliffs.

Scuba diving

In recent years, Mexico has become very popular as a beautiful diving destination. Mexico offers all types of scuba diving, from entry-level scuba diving on sandy beaches and impressive caves, to great encounters with white sharks and whales in the Pacific.


With its clear turquoise waters, the Caribbean coast of Mexico is particularly famous for snorkeling and diving, although these activities are not limited to these resorts. Sea of ​​Cortez and Pacific Coast also have great places to see the great diversity of the country’s marine life. Discover colorful coral reefs and fish while diving into the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean with your guide to help you.


Zipolite is one of the most popular water sports because you can train at any time of the day. If you want to observe marine life, diving on the nearby beaches is excellent. Or if you prefer to relax and swim, it’s great to surf in Mexico. The experienced surfers will get to their favorite surfing spots, where high-quality waves are appreciated.

Private boat tour

This activity is unique because it will make you discover the beauty and for what is known. It is always recommended to visit the beautiful bays and the best way to do this is by traveling on a private boat. The private boat tour is a great way to watch and enjoy the most beautiful fish and coral reefs.



Mexico has excellent places for whitewater and freshwater rafting, as well as white water rafting. Enjoy the beauty of bird watching, kayaking, nature, and fun in one visit.

Get ready to admire the beauty of nature and book cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto.



Common words you should not use in Mexico

Mexico City is one of the most traditional and full of customs and culture and now it’s a point a travel destination and it’s normally a low budget tour with seeing culture history and many traditional things. if you planning to visit Mexico City so go through a cause selecting a right and cheap flights to Mexico City is best for saving some money to enjoy more in the city and more explore to save enough.


If you are traveling some other country you should know about the things that you not to use in that country. So, talking about some main words that you prevent to talk in Mexico City.


“I’ll have a Tecate, Please”

Tecate is brand of beer mainly favored in the north of the country, where they claim it tastes better than others if you are in Mexico City avoid word Tecate and ordering this brand, and go for one of the Mexico national beers. Such as Leon and Victoria.


“I’m American.”

If you are talking to native people this is the very confusing word, it’s translated from English to Spanish that many people understand that you telling that you’re American or you’re from the USA, so keep avoiding or prevent speak this word in Mexico.


“I love South America.”

Another big mistake is that understanding Mexico is part of South America, so don’t tell this word while traveling in Mexico.


“Do you speak Mexican?”

Don’t use this word to locals cause they reacting very bad when you ask, cause they are very sensitive to their native language if you asking them they understand you are blaming to not educate properly in high school.



Coger is a harmless, useful and common verb that is used in everyday speech, such as “catching a bus” however, in Mexico, coger means ‘to f*ck’, rather than ‘to catch’ just prevent to saying you want ‘to f*ck a bus’ in Mexico.


“I don’t have change.”

Mexico is not that a rich country it’s a developing country while you buying something at local shops the true suggestions is loose change and small notes. While receiving some coins make them save for next time to buy some local shops.


“I voted for Trump.”

Extremely avoiding using these words in Mexico because there are some governmental issues by both presidents, the locality has a different level of hatred for Trump so don’t use this word otherwise maybe it will going to harm you.


Reasons Why students love to visit Mexico

Every student love to visit some amazing places for their vacations to discover new things and get some refreshment from assignment quizzes and exams. The Mexico is full of traditions and cultures to get some extra knowledge and refresh their minds. As a student knowledge is everything for him, Mexico giving double benefit learn about his culture and see some amazing view of pyramid sea and beaches.

So here some extra amazing places in Mexico that everyone should see.


Cancun Underwater Museum and beaches:


Cancun’s underwater museum is full of his knowledge and knows some ancient things and get earn some history knowledge. The Cancun Underwater Museum is an installation of over 500 sculptures beneath the waters of the Cancun Marine Park. It’s opened publicly in 2010 and it’s most popular destinations to visit for students. It’s a very affordable and cheapest price to visit. Many travelers provide Montreal to Cancun flights at a very cheap price for students.

As Cancun full of history but there is some amazing place to relieve the stress through visit its beaches on vacations. There are some resorts which meet with beaches and locally known as “playas”. The most popular playas are de las Perlas, Juventud, Linda, Langosta, Tortugas, Caracol, and Chac-Mool.


Potrero Chico, Nueve Leon in Hidalgo


It’s the best place of hikers and famed location of rock climbing in North America with a high peak of 2,000 feet and top view is some breathtaking. It’s for those students who love adventure things and do hiking and see some amazing places from the top.


Now talk about food, Mexico is full of rich in taste and traditional foods. Everyone loves to see some cultural things especially the student, so here some dishes that you should try during the visit to Mexico.

Potrero climbing

Mexican food & culture:


Food is the main thing that people get attract from Mexico has full of delicious varieties to eat. The

Chilaquiles is the most popular and traditional breakfast that includes lightly fried corn tortillas cut into quarters and topped with green and red salsa, fried eggs and chickens are normally added on top, also cheese and cream as well, this is the only one there is many dishes like Pozole, Tacos al pastor, Tastadas, Chiles en nogada, etc.

Mexican traditional dresses are full of amazing and attractive clothes. The huipil is the traditional dress for girls that they are sleeveless, typically they are made with cotton dressed and having a simple attractive color and the men’s traditional clothing includes sarape which is a large blanket cape, the charro suit with its origin that wears by Mexican cowboy which includes plenty of shades, boots are also a wardrobe staple.

If you are a student and planning to visit some places then Mexico is the right place to visit, and also this article changes your mind to visit Mexico rather than others.