2 delicious typical Guatemalan recipes

Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga shares with us and with you his two favorite Guatemalan recipes that are typical of Guatemala. Don’t miss them! 2 typical straight lines of guatemala 1.PLANTAINS IN MOLE This is a dessert that can be eaten at any time. INGREDIENTS: 3 ripe plantains 1/2 Pound of very good quality chocolate 2 […]

Economic activities in Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the Latin American countries that stands out for its great culture and beautiful traditions. However, it is also known for its economic activity and the products it offers to foreigners. Read on, in this publication we will tell you some of the economic activities of Guatemala. Agriculture Livestock and agriculture have […]

Places to visit in Montreal in Summer

  Montreal is a famous city located in Canada. Canada is a beautiful place and is famous for its educational and cultural diversity. People from all over the world visit this beautiful place Montreal and spend their time in this city. If you are travelling back from Montreal to Cancun flights then you have to […]

Things you should not to when you are in Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful place to visit. But like everything visiting Mexico has its own pros and cons. There are somethings which you should strictly follow, and you should try to avoid these as much as possible. But there are also some things you should not avoid like cheap flights to Mexico. They will ensure […]

Tips for ladies to stay safe in Mexico while traveling

Mexico is a beautiful place and it is one of the famous tourist destinations, people from all over the world gather in this place to spend their vacations. This country is very beautiful as it has many famous beaches and other architectural sites which everyone wants to explore. If you are a girl and you […]

Top 5 concerts in Mexico you should not miss

  Mexico is a rich country in terms its traditional values. People of Mexico are working and giving their best efforts to keep its traditions alive. One of the most important parts of Mexico`s traditions is musical festivals or concerts. If you have planned a trip to Mexico, you can use cheap flights to Mexico […]