The best beaches destination near Mexico City

Mexico is considered as the best beach destination. Though, the opportunity of sand and surfing gives extra feature to these beaches like Cancun and the Acapulco often dominate the conversation. These beaches stand out for their best resorts, popular activities, and overall beauty. Mexican beaches are famous, from popular holiday spots to secreted island gems. There are many best beaches that are naturally placed on both sides of the coasts of Mexico.

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Enjoy the famous beach tour with us; let’s have a look on few of them

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Best beaches near Mexico City:

Almost all the beaches in Mexico have their own charm and attractions. But some beaches are worldwide famous and even people ask for it.

1. Tulum:

The Best Beach destination in Mexico: Tulum is an hour and a half drive south of Cancun. Marvelous eateries (both around the local area and at the shoreline), is little boutique lodgings ventures from the water, and simply in general awesome environment. Make sure to lease bicycles to get around the town, the shoreline, or between the two.

2. Isla Mujeres:

Isla’s North Beach is the best child benevolent shoreline in Mexico. The town is walkable and loose and feels near unspoiled. There is no nearby culture and the climate is a little on the faltering side. Goodness and you truly need to chase (and escape the primary town) to discover great Mexican nourishment.

3. Cozumel:

Cozumel’s reasonable turquoise waters and fine sands cajole explorers from virus winter atmospheres to this approximately 185-square-mile island off the Yucatán Peninsula. Voyage boats are a steady component of Cozumel’s seaside sees, and the environment on this beguiling island is frequently hindered by traveler prattle. Truth be told, Cozumel’s charms are effective to the point that the malls along the waterfront stay blocked a significant part of the year.

Peninusla de Yucatán Map

4. Cancun:

Cancun is nothing if not flexible. Consider the incapacitating impacts Hurricane Wilma had on the district in 2005 – suffocated shores, crushed retail facades, and inverted pontoons. However, at this point, this thin “7”- molded obstruction island in southeastern Mexico is by and by a go-to spot for shorelines, hitting the fairway and nightlife. Cancun additionally stays a standout amongst the most reasonable get-away goals in the Western Hemisphere, notwithstanding during the liberal spring break season.


Mexico is famous for its fun life. The beaches are the main attraction of the state. People take flights to Mexico city from Toronto on vacations and spend their time here.



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