Get to know a little about Mexico before visiting it

Mexico is the tenth most populated country in the world with 128 million people. However, this should not scare you, since its gastronomy, culture, and tourist destinations are unparalleled. So, if you want to know a little bit about Mexico before visiting it, keep reading this article.

Mexican food

Its gastronomy is the main thing that attracts tourists, as this country has many delicious dishes on its menu. This is one of the reasons why Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez comes to visit Mexico.

Chilaquiles are the most popular and traditional breakfast. These are corn tortillas cut in many pieces and lightly fried, covering them with green and red sauce. Fried eggs and chicken are usually added on top, along with cheese and cream.

chilaquiles rojos con huevo

You can also sample dishes such as pozole, tacos al pastor, tostadas, chiles en nogada and more.

Mexican Customs

Family plays an important role in the life of a Mexican. The Mexican family is one of the main elements of Mexican society. These tend to be numerous, but Mexicans are aware of their responsibilities to the members of each. They are also very committed in their role as godparents, godmothers, compadres, and even friends.

Mexicans frequently organize parties to make their visitors feel comfortable. Even if there is not much to party about, there is never a lack of revelry and dancing in Mexico.

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Mexican clothing

Many people think Mexico is not a place for high-class fashion, but many fashion designers hail from Mexico, such as Duque and Julia, and Renata. The latter has gone so far as to organize “Fashion Week in Mexico”, mixing the influence of international trends. This means, the typical urban Mexican dresses similar to people from Europe and the United States.

Traditional dresses

Traditional Mexican dresses are full of amazing and attractive colors. The huipil is the traditional sleeveless dress for ladies, which is typically made of cotton dresses and has a simple and attractive color.

Mexicans do not wear plain clothes, as they are heavily embroidered, creating images and patterns that have symbolic meaning to their ancient culture.

Traditional men’s clothing includes the sarape (which is a large blanket cape), the charro suit, and boots, which are a staple of footwear in this country.