Destinations in Latin America that are not Guate

Guatemala is one of the places in Latin America with the most tourists in the world, however, there are other countries you can visit.

In an interview with one of Guatemala’s businessmen Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, he was asked his opinion about visiting other places in Latin America that are not Guatemala and he said that even though there are good options in other countries he will always prefer the wonders of his country.

Destinations in Latin America

Gruta del Palacio – Uruguay

200km from Montevideo, in the department of Flores, stands this cavern whose ceiling measures 70cm

and is supported by dozens of columns of sandstone and red brick.

Gruta del Palacio - Uruguay

The legend places the cave as an ancient indigenous palace, where a Charrúa cacique and his wife,

a direct descendant of a wave of Panamanian natives who escaped

with their immeasurable treasures after the Spanish invasion, used to live.

Whether the treasure is still there is a mystery, but the grotto can be traversed at ground level for approximately 30 meters.

Marble Cathedrals – Chile

Marble Cathedrals - Chile

The Cathedral, Chapel and Marble Cavern are calcium carbonate mineral formations that amaze visitors to Lake General Carrera in Chile.

It is a spectacle for the eyes to travel in a boat inside these formations when the lake level is low,

appreciating the turquoise tones and natural arches.

Huacachina Oasis – Peru

This magical oasis of emerald green waters in the middle of a desert of towering dunes is not well known by foreigners

who come to Peru to travel the Inca Trail.

The Huacachina Lagoon gained popularity in the 1940s when a beach and promenade were built on its shore.

Huacachina Oasis - Peru

Although deteriorated, this mini-city in the middle of nowhere still keeps

the attraction of yesteryear being a curious and quiet destination.

Alter do Chão – Brazil

Lost in the middle of the Amazon, the small town of Alter do Chão has gained recognition for the Ilha do Amor beach,

a sand bar in front of the town that is discovered only during the months of July to December.

When the Tapajós River lowers its level, a beach of beautiful white sands and Caribbean style emerges.

Alter do Chão - Brazil

Be careful! Remember to visit during the season when the Tapajós recedes, otherwise you will see the river follow its natural course.

We hope this short list of destinations in Latin America that are not Guatemala will please you as much as we do.

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