Surprising Laws in Mexico You Need To Know

Surprising Laws in Mexico You Need To Know

Are you looking forward to head to Cancun, Mexico for holidays? Have you booked your flights to Cancun? Well, if yes, then you must prepare yourself for the journey. By preparing, I doesn’t mean that you only have to book your flights to Cancun or prepare your itinerary but it is also about learning the dos and don’ts in Mexico. You will surely know some laws about the Mexico but here are some Surprising Laws in Mexico You Need to Know:

1.    Drinking Openly In Streets:

First of all, drinking is not prohibited by the law in Mexico, not even in any state. Therefore, don’t cancel your flights to Cancun by reading this headline. However, here is a twist in the story and that is you must not caught by the police while drinking openly on streets. It is better that you drink in your private place, in hotels, and in the pubs etc. An open drinker in the public is breaking a law and the laws are equal for tourists and the locals. Hence, you will avoid it.

Don´t drink

2.    Don’t Taking Right Seat in Bus:

Second thing is that Mexican are though friendly people however they can be hurt easily by any of your deed or attitude. Hence, when booking your flights to Cancun, you should also keep a note that while traveling in the public vehicles, you should always take your seat that’s written on your ticket. Taking wrong seat is very immoral according to Mexican laws. However, you will not be arrested for this but it can create inconvenience. Therefore, it is better that you do take care.

3.    Going Bare Legged On Street – Only for Men:

This sounds really pathetic but that’s true. Though Mexico has done anything to be modern however some things never change and that’s their wearing shorts law for men. Males are not allowed to wear shorts in public as per Mexican laws and you may be astonished to know that a person can be arrested for this too. However, fine is a must. Hence, keep some long pants and trousers in your luggage while you book your flights to Cancun.

4.    Doing Stunts on the Road:

You may love stunts in the Mexican movies however the public stunting is banned in the country. Therefore, don’t ever try to cross your limits while riding a bike, cycle, or anything on the streets of Mexico. Such as, leaving the handles while driving bike is a public stunt that can get you arrested. Therefore, take care.

Take care of these four surprising yet important laws in the Mexico and don’t ever try to break them for fun.