Why day of dead is important in Mexican culture

As we all know the day of the dead is originated from Mexico. Propel from all over the world also come to celebrate this day with locals. The main aim to celebrate this day is to celebrate life and they thinks it’s a circle that complete one day. They use to spend this day with their families and remember their ancestors. Their belief is that their dead family members also come to visit their families on that day specifically. This is the reason they use to spend all the time together, prepare food, decorate their house and streets etc. let’s check out the importance of this day in Mexican culture, and maybe you want to schedule your next cheap flights to cancun from toronto to see it with your own eyes.

Reason: Why day of dead is important in Mexican culture

1.      They love their families:

The day of the dead is considered as the festival. Mexicans from all over the world come to join their families in order to spend whole time together. They use to visit on the graves of their beloved family members. Put their photos and keep their favorite food in front of it.

2.      They transfer legacies in next generations:

The Mexican culture is showcase the importance of the families and celebrating such event is the example of that. Families also transfer this legacy from one generation to another and also denoted that the importance of this event. So, their next generation will also follow their ancestors.


3.      A way to celebrate the life:

The day of the dead is the celebration of the life not dead. The people use to exchange gifts and food as well in order to spread happiness among all. They think that life is the gift of God so enjoy every bit of it.

4.      A way to spend family time:

This event brings families together. When all the family members come to join and sit on the table and eat their favorite food, such event comes often in a year. So, in this way, most of the people who are living away from the families get a chance to meet their families again.

5.      A day in the memories of dead:

This day is dedicated to the dead people. All the family members pray for their dead members, prepare their favorite dishes and went to graveyard. In graveyard they use to decorate the graves, spend their time and also tell the stories of dead people.

In short, this day is very important in Mexican culture because they use to celebrate this day from centuries ago. The local government gives many facilities in order to celebrate that day. From 1st to 2nd of November, the public holidays declared that is why locals use to celebrate that day with happiness.