Foods in Mexico you will not find anywhere else

Mexico has different types of foods that are famous worldwide. Mexican cuisine is eaten all over the world. Tacos are the famous food that has eaten all over Mexico in different styles and ways. You can get all this fun and happiness by taking cheap flights to Mexico. Here are the foods that are finding in Mexico and will never found anywhere else.

Foods in Mexico that you never find anywhere else:

1. Caldo de Piedra:

It is called stone soup in English. This seafood soup is very famous and it has different techniques for preparations. The most applicable way to make this soup is to dig a leaf-line whole in the sand. This soup is also selling in the modern rode-side restaurants where this can be made on the table. Whatever the technique is using, the making process always the same in which the hot-boiling stones are kept in the broth. These hot stones are the main source of making the soup. The stones also give natural flavor and add extra taste in the whole soup and make it perfect for anyone.

Caldo de piedra and ingredients with stones

2. Pambazo:

It’s a very Mexican kind of sandwich and you can say it’s just like torta. The only difference is just because of the bread that is specifically used in Pambazo. The sandwich bread is quite hard and it is necessary to have such hard bread because it will go under the long cooking procedure. The bread is deeply di down in the spicy sauce until the whole pieces of bread are evenly containing the sauce in it. In the next process, the top and the bottom of the bread piece are friends so that they can give the crispy feel and then add the filing that mostly consists of potato’s mixture and sausages. The topping is different and according to the requirement of the customers. The sour cream and cheese is an essential part of the topping.


Bread with chili and potatoes

3. Fruit layers with chili on it:

In Mexico, you will see there are many vendors and locals carts who are selling fresh fruits with dried chili. This food salad contains such fruits like mango, watermelon, and jicama in general. The vendor will cut the slices of the fruits and serve it with dried chili and fresh lemon squeeze on it.
Mexico has so many food items that you can even imagine. These are unique in taste and very cheap in price. All you need to buy cheap flights to Mexico and do visit here.

Cucumber, carrots, jicamas, with chili and lemon

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