Top 5 concerts in Mexico you should not miss


Mexico is a rich country in terms its traditional values. People of Mexico are working and giving their best efforts to keep its traditions alive.

One of the most important parts of Mexico`s traditions is musical festivals or concerts. If you have planned a trip to Mexico, you can use cheap flights to Mexico city.

This will cost you less and it will help you save some money which you can later use in Mexico.

In Mexico there are some traditional festivals and concerts which you should not miss.

Fiesta de la Candelaria

Photo of the Day of Candelaria in Veracruz, Mexico

Every year in early February people gather for a religious celebration.

This takes place in the town of Talcotalpan. Virgins are floated down the river.

This a 3-day festival and its real highlight is the Son Jarocho music festival where traditional music is played.

Festival de Mexico

Every year in the month of March or April around 50 venues are selected around the capital city of Mexico and traditional acts of theater and opera are performed along with music.

This is a two-week event.

Carnaval in Veracruz and Mazatlan

Carnival of Veracruz last for 9 days

This is a 9-day event hosted every year in the month of March.

It is Mexico`s biggest festival. There are live performances, party, live music and dance performances.

Here you can be amused by the brass band sounds of Mazatlan.

Morelia International Festival

This festival takes place in mid-October.

The main highlight is the production of documentaries and music that reflects the Mexican traditions.

This makes the city come to life with the activity around the main square.

People gather here for screening in open-air environment that goes on for the whole night.

Day of the Dead

Guanajuato, Mexico – January 12, 2019: Portrait of a woman with beautiful Day of the Dead themed costumes and skull makeup on the streets of Guanajuato, Mexico.

In start of November there comes an event named as the Day of the Dead.

This is celebrated with colorful traditional decorations and music. For Mexicans death is not a sorrowful thing, it is rather a cause of celebration.

Mexico is no doubt a beautiful tourist destination. There are many places tourists can visit including historical buildings, traditional artifacts and blessings of nature.

On your trip to Mexico there are some things that you should not miss. Some traditional concerts on Mexico were discussed above which every tourist should visit.

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