Top 3 of best street snacks you have to try in Cancun

Mexico is always quite famous because of its food offerings. There are tons of restaurants in the Mexico City where you can enjoy delicious food items but also lots of other cities outside of the main city where you will find lots of places to enjoy delicious Mexican food items.

So, here we are going to tell you about some of the street snacks that you must try if you are on a trip to Cancun.

1.    Churros

Churros are one of the best food items that you will enjoy in Cancun. This is street food but you cannot judge it through its taste. It is amazingly delicious in taste that you will think that this food item might have been prepared in any well-known restaurant of Cancun.

This recipe is actually a snack that you can have after dinner along with the hot coffee o chocolate. They are served with sweet sausages made with chocolate or strawberry. This combination becomes too much amazing that you will feel worthy to visit this place.

Churros with chocolate on a plate


2.    Marquesitas

Marquesitas is a very popular dessert that you can enjoy, especially in Merida. It is one of the incredible street foods that can make your mouth filled with amazing taste and deliciousness. This food item is also being treated as snacks. They are not taken as a proper food item because of its recipe. In this recipe, a wafer batter is poured over the flat grill with Nutella, cheese, chocolate, caramel sauce, and strawberries, blueberries, etc. All of these things collectively make this item the best street dessert in this part of Mexico. So, no matter you are away from here, take any of the cheap flights to Cancun and make sure to try this amazing food item over there.

person doing marquesitas

3.    Esquites and Elotes

Esquites and elotes are another one of the delicious street snacks that you can eat in almost all Mexico (but under different names). It is quite a salad dish that is filled with boiled corns along with lime juice, mayonnaise, chile, cheese, and hot sauce (if you want more spiced). All of these things make this food item one of the most delicious recipes that you can enjoy as the street food in Cancun.

elotes y esquites


So, take any of the cheap flights to Cancun and make sure to try any of these recipes if you want to enjoy the Mexican tradition in an incredible way.