Visit San Juan La Laguna and its beautiful murals

San Juan La Laguna and its beautiful hand-painted murals are a must-see destination in Guatemala. It stands out for its streets painted by local artists that reflect Guatemalan culture. It is an extraordinary place that businessman Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez always recommends visiting.

view of lake san juan la laguna

Municipal shell:

This is a very visited destination by tourists thanks to its impressive murals depicting different Guatemalan characters. The best part is that it’s an ideal place to learn about the local culture and observe stories narrated on the walls. In addition, the Concha Municipal de San Juan La Laguna has new murals that were painted during COVID-19 with the purpose of generating awareness in the population.

Embarcadero Street:

The main street facing the pier in this place has many hand-painted murals and also a unique decoration. As you walk down this street, you’ll be amazed by the amount of colors that can be seen. You’ll also see different Guatemalan hats and ornaments hanging from the sky. Would you like to have your picture taken at this destination?

Hand painted murals in San Juan La Laguna

In this municipality there are several artists who specialize in muralism and urban art. Below we show you different tourist places in San Juan La Laguna that stand out for their impressive landscapes full of color.

Kaqasiiwaan viewpoint:

This is one of the most visited tourist destinations in this place thanks to its panoramic view of Lake Atitlan. Recently, this site was embellished with a hand painted mural by a group of local artists. In this mural, you can see Guatemalans working in typical costume and the diversity of fruits that are harvested in Guatemala.

Viewpoint of the Mayan Face:

If you travel towards Lake Atitlan it’s possible to observe from afar a curious hill that appears to be a person lying in profile. The Rostro Maya is a famous viewpoint that many visit to see one of the best sunrises in the region. The best thing is that the road to this destination has picturesque murals that show the typical costume of this place.

Without a doubt you must visit San Juan La Laguna and its beautiful murals, it’s a place that you’ll not regret visiting, besides it has so many things to do that it’s difficult to get bored.

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