Visit San Antonio Palopó in Sololá

Visit San Antonio Palopó in Sololá because it is one of the most beautiful places to see, which is located next to Lake Atitlán. This is a place full of history, passages, culture and crafts. Read on to find out about one of the destinations that businessman Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez recommends.

Visit San Antonio Palopó in Sololá

The word Palopó comes from two words of different languages, Spanish and Kaqchikel: palo, from tree and po, apocope of poj, amate plant. This is interpreted as “amate tree”, due to the abundance of this tree in the area. It is a tourist destination that stands out for its impressive landscapes and panoramic views.

This site has different public docks, tourist boardwalks, hotels and parks, so you can enjoy a tour of a picturesque town. In addition, one of the most famous hotels in the region is the well-known Tzampo Resort with an infinity pool that offers unparalleled views, an excellent option to get away from the routine!

A destination famous for its handicrafts and art

Among the beauties that make this municipality a unique destination to visit are its famous handicrafts. Many people travel to San Antonio Palopó to visit the different workshops, where it is possible to watch Guatemalan painters work their magic.

They work on a base of Guatemalan clay, and their pieces are hand-painted with contemporary techniques that stand out for their linear designs and colorful colors. You will find cups, plates, vases and many more utensils with designs that represent the Guatemalan culture, a true pride for our country!

In addition, you can visit its main church, different piers ideal for taking pictures, appreciate the making of typical costumes and enjoy the Guatemalan gastronomy. You will love San Antonio Palopó!

Lake Atitlan

If you want to visit San Antonio Palopó remember that Lake Atitlán is just a few minutes walk or drive away. Here you can take a boat tour, rent a boat or just enjoy the view of this beautiful place.

Local restaurants

Also, if you get hungry, you can come to one of the local restaurants, these places have some of the best food in Guatemala and are places where eating is usually not as expensive as in foreign branches. Consider supporting the economy of these places. You will not regret it

Come and visit San Antonio Palopó in Sololá, it is a place you must visit if you are in Guatemala. You can buy handicrafts, eat something delicious and experience the calmness of the place.

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