Mexico and food: the perfect couple

Mexico has long been one of the peak popular holiday places in the world, which attracts fans of the Sun and the food. If you are blessed enough to plan your trip and you have booked your flights to Mexico City, be sure to try the finest flavors and flavors of the country with our review of the 5 best dishes that you can try during your stay.

1. Chilaquiles

In this famous customary breakfast recipe, lightly roasted corn tortillas cut in to four pieces and garnish with red or green salsa (spice). Fried or scrambled eggs and chicken stew are usually combined with cream and cheese. Chilaquiles are frequently served with a good dose of frozol (fried beans).


Amarás la comida mexicana después de probar un pozole.


2. Pozole

According to an anthropologist, the pre-Hispanic soup was used as a part of a ritual sacrifice. These versions of pork, chicken and pozole vegetarians are freely offered in everyday life. This dish, prepared from corn hominy with many spices and herbs, is traditionally cooked for hours, frequently overnight. When prepared to serve, sprinkle on lettuce, radish, onions, lime and chili.

3. Tacos al Pastor

This famous dish is one of the peak popular taco varieties. It originated in the 1920s and 1930s and arrived Syrian and Lebanese immigrants from Mexico. To make taco al padri (which means “cowboy way”), thin slices of the pork are cut on a spit, corn is positioned on a flat cake and served with pineapple, onions and coriander leaves.

4. Tostadas

What to do with the stale torture? Why fry up them! Toasts are a simple however tasty dish in which boiling oil contains fried corn tortillas till they turn into crispy and golden. After that they are served alone or stacked with any type of filler. Popular fillings include frozen (bet bread), cottage cheese, seafood, ripe meat and kevik.


No olvides probar un clásico de la comida mexicana.


5. Chiles en nogada

Nogada Pepper with the three colors of Mexican flag is one of the most nationalistic dishes of Mexico. Pepper submerged, filled with pikadillo (a mix of minced meat, fruit and spices), is marked green color on the Mexican flag, nut creamy sauce is colored white, and pomegranate seeds are red. The story from Puebla says that the dish was first served in subsequent Emperor of Mexico, Liberator and Don Agustin de Iturbide.
After booking your flights to Mexico City make sure that you try the above mentioned food in Mexico City.

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