History of Toronto you should know

Toronto is one of the best places to visit in Canada. Because of its incredible offerings, most of the people visit this place. Especially from Cancun, people visit the place all over the year because there are available lots of cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto. Additionally, people are inspired by their amazing history.

So, here we are going to describe a brief history of Toronto that you must know before visit this place:

Construction of Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

The Gibraltar point lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in Toronto. It is also one of the oldest building in Toronto and the landmark status of a story.
This lighthouse was constructed in 1809. In 1815, the keeper of this lighthouse was murdered. It was a mysterious crime which also served as the basis of Toronto’s most famous ghost story. So, you can add this place into the list of phantom hunting of Toronto’s attractions.


The First Hotel Opens

The “Retreat on a Peninsula” was opened in Toronto in 1833. It was the first hotel in Toronto those days. Before this hotel, there was no place in Toronto to stay for tourists. This was the reason that there was not much tourism in Toronto those days. After the opening of this hotel, people started visited Toronto and also there opened four more hotels followed by Retreat on a Peninsula.

Ferry Service Begins

The first ferry service in Toronto was started in 1833, in the history of Toronto. This service opened the paths to the Island near Toronto city. This ferry service was operated privately by a man named Michael O’Connor. He used to take passengers from the place where York street meets the mainland of his hotel, Retreat. Following this ferry service, two steamboats were started to work in 1850 and 1853. Those boats were used to depart after every half hour.
This ferry service turned into Toronto’s most commercial business in those times. Because of its huge business, they introduced two double-decker paddle steamers in 1906 and 1910 which were capable to collectively convey almost 3000 passengers at a time.

Ferry Toronto Services

Airport Construction Begins

The first airport in Toronto was constructed in 1937, but its first commercial flight was welcomed after two years of its construction. Within these two years, this airport served as the training field for bomber pilots and fighters because of World War II. While after some time, flights of almost 200000 annual passengers were flown from this airport in the 1960s.

In 2010, the Porter Airlines opened a new terminal at this airport which was renamed in 2016. Now, this airport facilitates lots of passengers, especially people of Cancun with the cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto so that they can visit Toronto in a budget.

So, consider all the above-described historical facts of history of Toronto and plan a trip to this city to explore these historical places.

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